RE: please help me my face problem

Dear Julia,

I am more familiar with prosthodontic work (dental implant and crown and bridge work) not specialist in maxillofacial surgery.

If you need the operation, I can have a look and refer you to the specialist for you.




but i think he will be charged me HK$500 for checking as he ever told me he will charge intelligent tooth removal for at least HK$6, 000 , it is too expensive for me to visit and at last got no operation to do for me.  


i think i will visit outpaitent clinic for the referral letter....  but will they listening to what are my face problems?

several days later, i have sent him several emails messages for my problem in these few days, but he didnt give me any reply since the last one is at the topest lines of article then , nothing gain from my face improvement... 

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Julia Chen

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