i will be complained against it... the christian school broacasting extremely loud jesus words, even i live at almost 40/Floor, wa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

i can't help but shouting out at my top of sound/vocal, why should made out so big noises (in Cantonese)....  they rora radio brocasting lasted at least 10 minutes i think, i hate them , i hate who their attitude in believing god, they are shameful to believe in God.

one day i will go to JP's office in tung chung to compalint against those bad roar sound noisy makers

here i can't get into peaceful world as they destroying enviroment , sound pollution is made..   if i have gun in hand , i will rushed down to the school (broadcasting) shooting who making roar sound... and swiftly shooting those stupid god chasers to death.  

i need sleeping.   they never kind to ppl ...   they are extremely hatrend, disguesting for non-existence Jesius God.
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