no.  wait till tmr i will buy 75% non drinkable alcholic...

then we can celerbate my very old age, had never married ... going to get marry with any white guy, but never into any ..

u know , last time i visit philip hospital , i saw him, he is white, i really want to get marry with him if we are not in relationship of dentist and patient, he is handsome enought that make me feel like to get marry to him.  

but white , .................   don't know which one is better, but he is dentist i m not appreciate him that he is not so professional that not to ... what?   u know what i want from him, not to get into the case of my left face, so he is not into me, so i do not interested in marriage ...

marry to any white guy, and then divorce , so my life .... i have to completed the whole process but can't birth any child due to that i dn't want my child without a nicer Dad.
--- i meant if we were out of the hospital , i 'd like to be with him..........
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